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Every year, the Glovers Company makes a wide range of charitable donations and a Committee, set up in 1980, identifies and organises these charitable donations into a number of Charity Projects. Funds for these projects are provided by the Glovers Charitable Trust Board which sets the guidelines as to the type of project to be supported either through the donation of gloves or in the form of a financial contribution. The emphasis is on helping those in real need.

We invite those involved in running the various charities we help support to come and talk to our Livery and they have done so very successfully on several occasions. We hope the following gives you an idea of the scope of our charitable activities.

One of our main objectives is to distribute gloves to those in need and to this extent we have provided gloves to Crisis, Providence Row, Shoreditch Spa, The Manna Trust Society to name but a few. We have also given a large number of gardening gloves to the High Ground Charity based at Headley Court.

The donation of specialist gloves which prevent cancer patients from suffering damage to hands and fingers after treatment has been high on the agenda with donations of these gloves to various cancer hospitals including Bart’s Hospital, Hexham General Hospital and The Christie Cancer Hospital. In addition we have given a donation to King’s College Hospital for a year’s supply of gloves used in the research into liver disease.

We also make donations to the Glovers’ Affiliated Units which include the Artists Rifles, 444 (Shoreditch) Squadron Air Cadets and HMS Artful. We purchased a display cabinet for the Artists Rifles and repaired drums for the 444 (Shoreditch) Squadron Air Cadets. We have also recently welcomed the St John Ambulance Unit at Barnet into our fold and we are looking forward to working with them.

In addition, we make donations to the Glovers Church of St. Margaret, Lothbury, and to the City of London Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s fund.

The support of education for those in need is also a high priority and great care is taken to choose suitable and worthwhile recipients of this support. Bursary students are supported at the City of London School (Boys), City of London School for Girls, St. Paul’s Chorister School, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and King Edward’s School, Witley.

The students’ progress is followed closely and members of the Charity Projects Committee regularly attend events at the schools. Glovers have recently introduced an Apprentice Scheme into the Glovers’ Company. Through this Scheme previous students are encouraged to join in the activities of the Company with a view to them joining the Company in the future. We are happy to report that this Scheme is proving very successful.

The Glovers Company is always seeking ways to help worthwhile causes and, hopefully, this has given you some idea of the charitable activities that we are currently undertaking.


Glovers Charity Projects Committee





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